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Margin Enhancement Analysis

Under it's simplest guise .. building efficiencies and adding value.

The first thing we do is to listen to you. Our aim is to get a good understanding of your business and your priorities.

We then work with you to deliver against your objectives. In practice, this could mean reducing cost. It could mean consolidating suppliers or reducing supply chain time. It could mean generating cash to help your business fund its growth.

We typically begin by reviewing your spending; a thorough analytical view of who is buying what, where and for how much. We do this with minimal interference or resource at your end; we take copies of all your invoices in a certain cost area for the past 12 months. This analysis always throws up some interesting patterns that clients were unaware of before. Our objective analysis uncovers anomalies, spots trends in spending and identifies opportunities to save.

We also understand that choosing the right technology is only half the battle – the change needs to be well implemented. Good systems will fail to deliver if your staff or your customers are not engaged by the technology.

In more than 50% of our projects, our clients retain the incumbent. And as the client, you remain 100% in control of all decision making. Only this time, you’re making that call based on independent data and impartial advice.

Once we have completed the initial part of our project, what truly sets us apart is our ongoing audit service which keeps you on track over the engagement period, ensuring cost reductions that have been identified are realised and compliance with the agreed plan is being achieved.

Our expert specialists utilise our systems and tools where they can identify pricing errors, anomalous spending patterns and off-contract purchasing. This skilled expertise in implementation and ongoing measurement is recognised by our clients as a crucial aspect of our support, that delivers realised benefits for the long term.

We Will:

  • Seek to help you achieve the best possible value from the supply chain.
  • NEVER compromise the quality of goods purchased.
  • NEVER compromise on service levels
  • Work independently and with total transparency.
  • Conduct regular ongoing supply audits.
  • Provide better management information and improved visibility of the supply chain.
  • Ensure you remain in control of the decision making.
  • Guarantee there is minimal impact on your time.